Marshall Amplifiers

Marshall JTM45, Marshall 100 watt Super Lead, Marshall 50 watt Super Lead, 100 watt Super Bass, 100 watt Super Tremolo most of which are Marshall Plexis. Our #1 goal is quality workmanship and tone. A Marshall Plexi is an excellent building block to reach that goal.

Marshall JTM45
Marshall JTM45 Front Marshall JTM45 Back
Marshall JTM45
Marshall JTM45

Marshall JTM45 custom rebuild.
This amp went through extensive cleaning and serving here at Plexi Palace
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Marshall '66'66 Marshall tremolo front
Take special notice of the exceptionally large mains transformer. The output transformer is also extra large. We usually have some of these Chassis on hand. These Chassis are found with JMP and JTM on the front faceplate. They are particularly favored by artists who like the smooth thick tone of the JTM 45 such as Eric Johnson.
'66 Marshall
These old amps are also distinguished by their thin long vent on the head cabinet. They were also built with the power supply filter capacitors under the chassis rather then on top. As you can plainly see there are no topside filter caps on this chassis.
A rare colored head and cabinet. The amp is a Plexi with a lay down mains transformer. The cabinet is a birch back and is equipped with 25 watt pre-Rolla Greenbacks. Both are circa.68.
Marshall Purple half stack

Marshall 100 watt

Marshall made some really great aluminum faced amps. This amp has the same interior design as the Plexi faced chassis. Tone on this amp is incredible! We also have several of these on hand in both 100 watt and 50 watt.
Marshall Super Bass

A great looking cab for circa 67! This particular amp was purchased by a recording artist in Florida. We are always changing inventory but similar condition Plexis are on hand.
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