Top Boost Kit

Top Boost Kit

Something we see a lot is people use regular bolts on the tag strip. We drill out the bracket and use a recessed machine screw to make your kit sit flush on the shelf.
We add the decoupling cap directly on the kit rather then use one off the amp. 33uf @ 350V. Much better sounding and better clarity by not disrupting the current supply form the preamp circuit.
We’ve gone to a lot of trouble to pack it in nice and tight so you can put the kit in close in the amp chassis and not come close to touching any parts etc. Lots of room, easy install. Wires are all ready to be tacked in etc.
Wire restraint used for heaters, isolated ground from bracket. Keeps the hum down if you run the ground separate direct to the signal area etc. Silver solder, good stuff we promise. The vacuum tube is Amplitrex tested for emissions and transconductance. The Top Boost should give your amp a real kick and lots of fun new sounds.

We include instructions and the needed information for you to install the Top Boost as well as make mods if your heaters have not been center taped to reduce low frequency hum. TB will amplify low frequency you may not hear now. I include a photo of that too if you need it.

$250.00 Shipping within the US $10

Please call for shipping quote outside the US.

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